Kabbalah Society announces launch of Kabbalah Society Videos

A decision was made by the Kabbalah Society to film the entire 2010 Kabbalistic Summer School which consists of 15 lectures. These videos are in the process of being edited and those that have been completed are now being released via an online subscription service at http://kabbalahsocietyvideo.com

The subscription service will support the work of producing these videos and allow immediate worldwide access to the material via computers, smart phones and tablet devices. Besides the 2010 Summer School sessions, additional lectures from other locations will be added to this library.

The subscription cost is only $16.00 US a month (£10 UK – €11.50 Euro).
You can sign up here.

What We Currently Offer from our Library

4.5 hours of material including

Basic Introduction – Lecture, Questions and Answers

At the first evening of Summer School Halevi outlines the general history, principles and practices of Kabbalah. The lecture is followed by a question and answer period. Approximately 90 minutes

Play Basic Intro Videos

Jacob’s Ladder - Lectures, Questions and Answers

The evening lecture is a slide show on Jacob’s Ladder of Existence. The fundamental principles of the Extended Tree are laid out and explored. Followed by questions and answers. Approximately 90 minutes

Play Jacobs Ladder

Plates and Chairs

Two ritual sessions that relate metaphysics to direct experiences of the Divine realm and the process of psychological and spiritual evolution. Followed by observations, comments by participants. Approximately 90 minutes.

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Evolution - Lectures, Questions and Answers

This lecture sets out the cosmic scheme of Kabbalah with its four interpenetrating worlds and their natural and supernatural inhabitants. Followed by questions and answers. Approximately 60 minutes.

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