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Meditation: Journey to the Temple School

We have recently completed uploads of Meditation: Journey to a Temple School – Meditation with Observations Which is a 30 minute meditation followed by participant observations and questions as regards their experiences. This and the other two new lectures School of the Soul and Life and Death have recently been […]

Currently Uploading 2010 Summer School Humanity Lecture

We have just uploaded a rough of the 2010 Summer School Humanity Lecture from 8/17/2010. It can be viewed by subscribers at: http://kabbalahsocietyvideo.com/humanity-summer-school-2010 Currently Chapter One and Chapter Three, roughs are uploaded. These are part of our new effort to quickly provide the raw material of these videos, while we […]

Elementals – New Lecture being uploaded

We are currently working on the Elementals lecture from the 2010 Summer School. This new material can be viewed on this page. http://kabbalahsocietyvideo.com/videos/elementals-summer-school-2010/ Of course you can only view this material if you are a registered user. A decision was made to upload initial drafts of this material as it […]